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- the consultancy -

We work from the idea to actual design, engineering simultaneously user experience, mechanics and manufacturing methods. Our core competency is the workflow that provides model that is ready for marketing and manufacturing. We provide following services: 3d-modeling, 3d-scanning, 3D-printing, CNC-milling from 2d to 3d - sheets to molds and real size models (max size 3100mm x 1600mm x 400mm). Our services include also subcontracting from start-to-end box storage for customer product production.

3d modeling services, plastic and composite design, sheet metal works, 3d scanning, machinery design, furniture design and manufacturing, cnc-milling and printing services, sustainable design services

- design goodies -

Our selected works stands for sustainable and carefully thought products. Designed products are aimed to have good price performance ratio. We want to ensure that product values fits for purpose, which the user can expect, and is willing to commit to. We appreciate the nature friendly factors such as materials and thoughtful solutions to produce and manufacture innovative products for end users. We respect working people and industry, our position in Europe and the local production. Our primary value is the commitment to the product, our people in manufacture sector and first of all the Users of the product.


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